They were not even included in the main Hofner European price list until The simpler version of the i , named the , was produced around Apparently it had a red finish and less body binding than the i. The twin pickup Hofner model introduced in had more than a passing resemblance to the Fe The Hofner Model was that bass, and it appeared the year after the in It couldn’t have been too popular however, because by it had disappeared from the price list.

Hofner Bass

JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. This is a short history of this famous bass so we cannot describe every change and modification that was made to it over the many years it has been in production. Nor is it possible to discuss all of the many people and companies who have contributed to its passage through history.

Mr. Dunn’s book is way short on content, but sheds some light on the mysticism that surrounds the history of dating Hofner /1s (Beatle Bass). It’s valuable for.

It was introduced in and gained celebrity status during the s as one of the primary basses used by Paul McCartney of The Beatles. The bass was first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Music Fair in the spring of A major boost for the bass came in early when it caught the eye of a young McCartney. In July , before Stuart Sutcliffe decided to leave the Beatles, he briefly lent McCartney his bass guitar until the latter could earn enough to buy a bass guitar of his own in June It is built using a fairly traditional style, similar to that of an acoustic guitar.

It commonly features a thin maple body, a spruce top and a maple neck. The fretboard is traditionally made of rosewood , though more contemporary models have utilized other, similar tonewoods. The earlier models are often referred to as “Cavern basses”, after the Cavern club , where Paul McCartney famously made use of this particular model.

I couldn’t afford a Fender. And to me, it seemed like, because I was left-handed, it looked less daft because it was symmetrical. Didn’t look as bad as a cutaway which was the wrong way. So I got into that.

Vintage Guitar – Parts and Identification

Our privacy policy has recently been updated. By clicking Accept or “X” , you hereby accept and agree to the updated privacy policy. This item is temporarily out of stock in the Hal Leonard warehouse, but may be available from your favorite local music store or online retailer. Its fame was assured when a certain young English guitarist walked into a shop in Hamburg in , saw exactly what he was looking for, and ordered a left-handed version.

The rest, as they say, is history. Its development over the years is described, including the full story of the re-issue models.

Hofner Icon Series Vintage Violin Bass Review – Iron Man Sheet Music For catalogs (the UK’s Hofner distributors); a guide to dating Hofner guitars; and a.

We offer a range of finance packages such as The Hofner Violin bass is one of the most iconic basses ever made, and the classic Beatles vibe just oozes from this bass. With a Flame Maple back and sides with a selected German Spruce top, this bass has a fully hollow body and delivers a really deep, punchy tone. It’s lightweight, well balanced and delivers a vintage thump. Loaded with a pair of Hofner B staple humbucking pickups, you get sweet hollowbody tones.

With the famous Hofner control panel including the boost switch, and an Ebony bridge you get great intonation and playing action with a super smooth tone. Due to the demand on our couriers delivery times may be a little longer than usual, thanks for your understanding. Let us know what you would like to see, and our team will prepare everything for your one-on-one appointment at our showroom.

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Hofner Releases the 60th Anniversary 500/1 Violin Bass

The Chancellor is a professional level instrument designed and constructed for the discerning player who is seeking a jazz guitar that produces naturally high acoustic volume levels coupled with good sustain characteristics and excellent overall tone. This 17″ jazz guitar is made using fully solid maple woods which guarantees loud, sonorous tones. The top, which is hand carved, is made from selected narrow-grained spruce to produce extra sustain and further enhance the tone of this master instrument.

The body features well domed arching which is brought to a flat level edge where it meets the body sides, this feature ensures that the top has a drum like quality to produce volume and tone. This allows the whole of the top to move without interference from the pickup mounting.


Flat’ two-piece book-matched laminated ‘flamed’ maple back and triple-bound laminated maple sides. Two layer white over black plastic heel-cap. Rosewood fretboard with a ‘zero’ fret and twenty-two original ‘medium’ frets and mother-of-pearl dot position markers. Individual ‘Kolb’ closed-back tuners with squared-off white plastic oval buttons.

Black laminated headstock face with ‘raised’ Hofner script peghead logo in white plastic with gold face. Two Hofner black plastic bodied single coil “Bar-blade” shark-fin pickups with individual height adjustments and outputs of 6. Hofner white plastic ‘teacup’ control knobs with ribbed sides and metal tops, all on a ‘wide’ rectangular mother-of-pearl base with black edging stamped in black “D. The original potentiometers are made by ‘Preh’ and are all stamped “” July


Taking a lead from our 70s Violin Bass models the Ignition Violin Bass guitars from Hofner let you get your hands on one of the world’s iconic guitars. In contrast to the HCT model this version has a fully hollow body and of course comes with the famous Hofner to control panel, wooden bridge and Hofner style tailpiece. Hofner Ignitions Violin bass comes at the perfect price point for players requiring the classic Hofner sound on a budget.

The /1 Violin Bass, designed by Walter Höfner, was first shown to the public The artwork on the top of the bass was designed for Höfner by Klaus Dirty Knobs Releases Video Teaser and Announces Tour Dates.

Has a two piece arched spruce top, maple sides, and a one piece flat maple back. The top and back are triple bound. The fingerboard is rosewood and has 21 jumbo frets and pearl dot position markers. The strip tuning machines are original. The headstock has a black overlay with a vertical silk screened Hofner logo framed by decorative lines. The original pickguard is also present. It is of single ply “tortoise shell” plastic trimmed in thin white strips.

Some sections of the white is missing. The bridge, the tailpiece and the four original Preh potentiometers are present but two of them were replaced because they did not turn. These are included in the case pocket. They are date coded 27th week of The pots are mounted in an oval tortoise shell plastic plate that is trimmed in white. There are a volume and tone control for each pickup.

Hofner Violin Bass

Black single coil Strat-type pickups. Control panel diamond shaped arrangement-solid top. Diamond pickups close together at top of body as in Vertical “flowery” Hofner logo.

Höfner Ignition SE; Violin Bass; violin bass; top spruce; back and sides flamed maple; binding top and back white; neck maple one-piece; fingerboard Rosewood.

Forgot your password? By cyberdragon81 , May 9, in Bass Guitar. Here is a question, how do i date a vintage hofner bass since they don’t have serial number. Sunburst finish, Rosewood Fingerboard with dot inlays and single white binding. Double binding on the violin body that has began to yellow with age, flamed bookmatched back and sides. Simple floating trapeze tailpiece, Pearloid pickguard.

A Short History of the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass

You can also find traditional hollow body bass designs in the Club Bass models; these have a rich, woody sound that’s perfectly suited for ’60s and ’70s-style rock. Combining a full-scale length with a uniquely compact body, this bass lets you take your music anywhere without a problem. They make a number of these, from cedar-topped models with laurel, mahogany and rosewood bodies to a special hybrid guitar with spruce and cedar together on top.

We like the dry tone coming our of it, and from the entire Verythin line in general, but the HCT-VTH-D stood out when it came to overdrives and effects in general.

Hofner Violin Bass Demo 【Black Areion】 – : Black Areion 31 .

Keymusic has 20 music stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. This means there is always one nearby. Nothing is more fun than trying products out yourself and being able to compare them in our stores. Deliveries within the Netherlands are free for orders over 50 euro, deliveries within Belgium are free for orders over 99 euro. If you choose to collect from one of our stores, no extra costs are involved. Made in China, to bring the Hofner Violin Beatle Bass to you at an affordable price, but with Hofner quality and the design features of the German made model but with a contemporary slant, the Big sound, full scale length and ultracompact size make this the perfect travel companion.

Inspired by the orginal Club bass from the s this guitar offers you the chance

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Early electric versions of Hofner models can be roughly dated by some of the components used. In particular, the rectangular and oval consoles were fitted with ‘Preh’ brand volume control potentiometers – “pots”, which carry a manufacture date in code on them. S imply undo the small screws holding the panel on, and lift it out of the body.

Höfner – The Complete Violin Bass Story also covers information on how to date a violin bass, serial numbers, body dates, pickup information.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Have you been to the Vintage Hofner website , run independently, from the UK? Click here ,. However it can be a big project and you need to be patient, do research, talk to others and be prepared to modify parts if necessary.

The rarer guitars from the 70s, 80s are harder to deal with as parts are now hard to find. The exceptions are those guitars sold by Selmer in the UK which will probably have a number stamped into the back of the headstock and guitars sold by Van Wouw in the Netherlands. The USA distributors in the 60s and 70s used their own serial number systems and we do not have information about these.

We do not have vintage parts for vintage guitars. Many of the parts made were from local manufacturers many of whom have long since ceased trading. Also, please note, we do not supply parts direct from the workshops. If you contact us asking to buy parts we will not supply them. Look in the Spare Parts categor y to ascertain if a suitable part is available to fit your vintage instrument.

Building the Hofner Violin Bass